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Addressing a problem, adding features, build a new web application...

  • PHP & mySQL, .Net, IIS, SQL
Elio & Associes
Elio & Associés

Real estate service "pixel perfect" website

  • Bootstrap, Laravel
CDI en ligne
E-commerce project

Ongoing project for online ordering and more

  • Semantic UI, Laravel, mySQL, Javascript, AJAX

Orion Astrology
Orion Astrology - training project

Astrology website with dynamic content

  • HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript
CDI en ligne
Online learning - training project

Provide online learning materials in student's account

  • HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, PHP, AJAX

Hi! My name is Lap Houng Nghia

Friends call me "Lap" for brevity, sometimes "Laptop"!
With over 23 years of experience in the IT industry as an architect and hardware sales solutions for SMB, I have recently embarked in the journey of software development. Covering the whole stack from front-end to back-end, I aim at offering meaningful, performant end-to-end solution for your business in any way possible.

Motivated, results-driven with effective communication, technical skills, and a willingness to adapt to the ever-changing IT industry to develop the next business solution.

Evolution is inevitable in programming. We are always seeking improvement, doing thing better and more elegant. Here below is my personal timeline of learning progress.

September 2018
Coming to React and Node

Developing complex pages (filled with data with partial update) using Laravel. These pages will eventually require faster and more responsiveness in rendering to the browser. As any project progression, it is essential to keep the code manageable if needed to scale and not even mentioning the speed of development. This is where I start to read React and Node, learning this last part and try to craft the ultimate web application.

Reading SCRUM guide.

Back-end ? Front-end ? Full-stack ? Done. Have any interesting project? Let's talk!

March 2017
Object oriented paradigm

Learning/revision in depth of object oriented paradigm, C#, Java, Android with Java (MVVM), plain PHP

UML, software development lifecycle, SCRUM

Prototyping with Adobe XD


Windows Server 2016, SQL 2016, Visual Studio Code

Reading of ASP.Net Core

May 2015
Exploring PHP

Announcement of .Net Core, EF Core at MSDN. All my works (.Net legacy) will not be possible to migrate :-(

Debut of PHP Laravel, MySQL.

Build a few project with Laravel, Semantic UI and Javascript with mobile responsiveness


Hardware: Play with hosting server to the cloud

HP Sales Certified: converged infrastructure solution

MVC Architecture

ASP.Net MVC5 and Entity Framework with SQL Database, faster development

Web RESTful service

Debut with Bootstrap 3, Javascript

Modern Web application with separation of concern, HML, CSS, ASP.Net wtih EF, dedicated servers for IIS and SQL DB

Hardware: Cloud hosting, offsite backup

Upgrade to great ASP.Net 4.5

ASP.Net 4.5, MVC 4

Debut of HTML 5, CSS 3

Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V virtualisation

Hardware: security camera

Debut of Ajax

ASP.Net 3.5 and Web form with C#

Debut of AJAX

Windows Server 2008, IIS, SQL Server 2008

Server sizing and optimizing from software requirements

HP Sale and design of commercial solution

Debut of C#

ASP.Net 2.0 and Web form with C#

TransACT SQL, stored procedure

Windows Server 2003 R2, IIS, SQL 2005

Hardware: Sell, configure enterprise servers such as HP Proliant, Dell PowerEdge. VPN firewall. Printers and networking. Cabling. Server cabinet

Microsoft volume licensing for enterprise

May 2002
Debut of programming journey

ASP.Net 1.0 and Web form with VB

First encounter with SQL 2000

HTML inline styling

Windows Server 2000, NT

Pre 2002
Static web page

Programming debut of HTML with static web page due to some increasing demands from customer in my computer store

Hardware: Build and sell clone PCs, small network setup


Everyone loves interesting post nowaday. So, in order to break the convention, I skip the traditional CV and portfolio and design this website that beats simply attaching a copy to the end of an email.
Designing my own portfolio has proven to be one of the most challenging projects to develop, as a client to myself has verified how difficult it is to make choices that would usually come as second nature. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most exciting self-initiated projects to complete.

The concept behind the delivery was to create a self-promotional package that was informal, in the format of a single page site. Maintaining simplicity is vital, ensuring that the format is refreshing and still to discover more about me.

Work experience

Fall 2018 - Elio & Associés

Full stack web developer
Develop the company's website - coding, content, upload to hosting, design business card and letterhead.
Light application of Agile methodology during the project to respect timeline
Setup in-house server for office use

2004 - present - Lauserco Inc.

Hardware solution architect, sales of enterprise solutions
Design and sale of hardware solutions for SMB, maintain relationship with corporative account
Analysis of cost/sale versus competition pricing
Training, hands-on experience and documenting new products, softwares for future solution
Preparation of quote, case study, technical documentation
In-house preparation, setup, configuration of hardware before delivery
Purchase from distribution channel
Technical troubleshooting and after sale support

2002 - 2004 - Urgence Électronique

IT technician
Working with insurer for IT equipement claims
Technical troubleshooting, repair, and customer service
Manage in-house file and email server

1995 - 2001 - Les entreprises Computer International

Co-founder of computer store for SBM and gamers
Technical troubleshooting, repair, and customer service
Management and operation of an 5 employees store



I can collaborate in several areas:

  • Visual graphics and design
  • User interface, user experience (UI/UX)
  • Software development lifecyle, agile methodology, SCRUM, brainstorming, prototype
  • Database normalisation and design for SQL Server, mySQL
  • Programming in C#, PHP, T-SQL, Javascript, CSS, HTML, WebAPI


    Problem spotting might seem easy, but we need to know why the problem occurs at first place. Does it occur frequently or trigger by other events? It takes a holistic view, observe the trials and errors and understand so that we can work the details.
    Inspired by my study in engineering, engineers are known to solve problem, find the pain point and develop solutions from there. I am confident I can help you.


    Back to basic

    Where there is a need, there is an opportunity, hence there is work. Stick to the basic rule, develop one feature at a time. Improve one feature at a time, and in turn it will cause demand for the related need to improve. Observe, analyze and improve.
    My ingenuity will find the answer.


    The success

    Creating a complete full-stack application requires integrating multiple components. The front-end piece, commonly called the user interface where the user see and interact, this layer must talk smoothly to the server, and within the server, you'll need multiple layers: one to handle input from the user, one that is doing the business logic and one to store information on the database. The database may or may not reside on the same server. Depending on the size of the project, it may require more than one person to develop, but this proven practice helps breaking the big problem to smaller parts which in turn it is easier to solve.
    On the other side, business minded person does not have the in-depth knowledge of programming, neither the patience to understand the details. They talk business language, they are eager to reach their business objective using certain operations or tools.
    With my business experience and technical know how, I am the bridge, feeling the gap between the "wishlist" and "done" to deliver the tool with values and not just to prove the application has no bug.


    Contact me

    Thank you for visiting my site. If I inspire confidence, good! It is a first step, please send me an email at laphoungnghia@gmail.com or via .